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The April ACTC Newsletter

I urge students to find some way to apply their software talents in order to keep them and hone them. I try to practice as well as preach that. I do a monthly newsletter for my bicycle club, the Almaden Cycle Touring Club.

Here is the April Issue of the Black and Blue Bottom, the club’s Newsletter. I hope you like it (note: the web server the club uses has been having problems, so if the download fails, that is why.)


My project a little late! I actually did it that day but was unable to come to class.

I just realized I forgot to upload it on this blog. Sorry Professor.

David’s Newsletter Project

Proudly to present my first newsletter

I turned directions after the first page and gave it more of a magazine look.  The cool thing about the internet is that there’s no such thing as “real estate” that publications face. Here’s my newsletter!  I was able to connect to the server from home too. 

check it out

Everything you wanted to know and more about SJSU is here.

Whew! Here it is, my satirical newsletter.

Here is my newsletter!

 Here is my lovely newsletter!