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Hey everyone, here is my final video project on my VLOG.

Here is the link:

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

PS. Tell me what you think =)

Here is the link to my vlog. Enjoy!!!

You can see my other blog entries there aswell.

Here it is. Enjoy.

Hi Everyone! I just finished creating my vlog! It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience for me!

Click here to visit my vlog!!

Enjoy Episode 1!

Enjoy Episode 2!

Enjoy Episode 3!

Here is a link to my fabulous vlog.

This is my first video I’ve ever created on iMovie!

I found a Vlog on a site called which has a bunch of different channels that contain vlogs. I started searching around. There was all types of vlogs relating to different topics. There was animal vlogs and cartoon vlogs, and even political vlogs. Then I spotted a channel that said “celebrity vlogs.” From there I found “r vlog” which seems to be Rosie O’Donnell along with some other celebrities. This is so interesting to me. I find it fascinating that people use this as a way of self-expression and artistic expression. Even celebrities seem to use this outlet which surprised me because they already have so much recognition and publicity as it is.

I went on google and typed in “funny vlog” and what showed up was a vlog of a man acting as cookie monster from sesame st. His name is Eric Filipkowski and he seems like just a regular guy with a cookie monster head mask on. His first vlog, he stated he was drunk and was telling his audience that a rock song sounded like his own cookie monster song. He said he talked to his lawyer and wanted to sue them for stealing his music. Then he finished off by saying he loves you and stuffs a cookie in his mouth. I thought this vlog was pretty pointless, but I guess it was pretty entertaining.

 cookie monster vlog

I found an interesting video that describes what video blogging is about done by Josh Leo. I knew there was a phenomena that was going with web blogging but not video. Josh Leo described what video blogging and video blogging week. It challenged everyone to post a video each day for a week. Then Josh mentioned that he is going to a friend’s wedding and will be posting another video on the festivity.

July 2020