Here is the NEW BLOG for the Fall 2008 New Media In Journalism class:

It’s a new semester, a new channel and a new blog!


Family and Trip Information

This is the last I intend to post about the family and our trip on this blog. Since this is off topic for this blog I am covering this topic on my family blog here.

Three grandkids

More photos of Solomon’s First Day

Today was quite a day and I am tired. Today was the birth of grandchild number six, Soloman Sloan. I have covered the day in several ways:

I am too tired to do or say more. Wow, what a day! If you did not get an answer to an Email today. Here is why!


I am up in Washington and we have a grandchild coming today. This is grandchild number 6!

I will be posting updates on the trip and birth on my family blog and on my twitter stream.


Spring 2008 New Media Class

My Spring Class was great!

I really enjoyed this, the biggest class I have ever taught. These students were a pleasure to teach. The really stretched themselves and went beyond their comfort zones. I am going to be awarding a lot of good grades because these folks delivered. I am really proud to have known and taught them. We had a good time. This is a fine bunch of young people!

For our final I bought pizza and drinks for the whole class, except for one student who is a Vegan and so I got her a Vegan dish. It wasn’t just them learning from me. I learned from them and will be making changes that I think will make me a better teacher. Besides learning to teach better I learned some fun things. For example, I plan to go back to Vegan restaurant when I return from vacation (which starts tomorrow.)

But first, on Friday my wife and I will be in Seattle for the birth of our sixth grandchild! I will be back at SJSU on June 9th.

These are the video and audio blogs of students in this class:

Since the screen isn’t very clear tonight, and the resolution that fits under 10MB is kind of low, I made a new VLOG that has higher resolution videos. They still download pretty quick if you have a high speed connection. 

This is not for the class assignments though.  I think I might keep making these so feel free to subscribe.


Hey everyone, here is my final video project on my VLOG.

Here is the link:

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

PS. Tell me what you think =)

If it has not been turned in already, it is now too late.


><  here is my markup lab. On it you will find some quality pictures from my vacation.

Wednesday, May 21 5:15p-7:30p, DBH 226

Final Projects are here.

You will only be able to present from one computer. This computer will only have iTunes and a Web Browser Available. The videos or audios all have to be on a central theme. You start with 100 points. Here is how grading works. You loose points based on the following:

  • Minimum 3 episodes. Minus 33 points for each audio or video less than three.
  • Minus 15 points if all episodes are not true to theme.
  • Minus 10 points if your episodes fail to tell a story.
  • Minus 10 points each if you failed to create a Blogger Video Blog (vlog) and/or a Feedburner RSS feed for your final project and/or that vlog is not dedicated to the final project.
  • Minus 15 points for each instance of the use of copyrighted material without permission.
  • Minus 10 points if you are unable to present from within iTunes due to a failure of your RSS feed.
  • Minus 25 points if you are unable to present from either iTunes or your video blog.
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