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Here is a link to my final project vlog! Enjoy!


Here is my “Photoshop Is Love” VLOG! I’ll be presenting the third video in class since it is most relevant.

Matthew Mountford

PHotoshop Is Love Episode 1

Photoshop Is Love Episode 2

Photoshop Is Love Episode 3

Here are my final project vlog.

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

My First Episode

My first episode is about my three pets.

here is my first episode!!!

First episode of my amature cooking show. Stuffed chicken is on the menu!


This is the first part of my final project where I talk about grocery shopping as a vegan.

Episode 1 driving lessons

Watch my video on attempting to drive for the first time to 7eleven.

Click here to see my video!

Click here to check out my first episode!