Syllabus (Green Sheet)

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Lab Assignments

  • Photoshop CS3 Lab 1
    This lab is an introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS3. It covers adjusting brightness and contrast and resizing photographs for Web Use.

  • Photoshop CS3 Lab 2
    This lab covers spot and blemish removal in Photoshop. It also covers the use of layers and grayscale conversion as well as sizing of files for print. It covers the use of the sharpening filter and format conversion of Photoshop files.

  • InDesign CS3 Lab 1
    This is an introduction of InDesign CS3 for newsletter production. It covers the use and manipulation of text and images in InDesign CS3.

  • InDesign CS3 Lab 2
    This lab is a continuation of the previous lab. It introduces the concept of templates and output to PDF for Web distribution.

  • iMovie Lab 1
    This lab shows you how to use iMovie to create a simple Quicktime movie using the iSight cameras in the iMac computers in DBH226.

  • iMovie Lab 2
    This lab introduces the screen capture utility Grab. It also combines the skills learned in previous labs. Primarily iMovie 1 where you created a Quicktime movie. Photoshop 1 where you resized photos, and the use of Fetch, (see the How To section of this page) which you used for your web assignment to FTP files to the class Website. This is the process you will use to create video blog entries for your vlog and for your video podcast.

  • Audacity Lab 1
    This lab introduces audio editing using the free open source audio wave form editor, Audacity. In this lab students will download a sample wav formatted file and, using the Audacity software, edit the audio and export it as an MP3.

  • RSS Lab 1
    This lab introduces the use of RSS Feeds as a way to subscribe to changing content as presented in RSS Feeds. Students will use Google Reader to subscribe to an RSS Feed.

  • RSS Lab 2
    In this lab we will be using Feedburner and Blogger to create an RSS 2.0 Podcast Feed of our blogger video blogs. This is how you convert your video blog into a video podcast.

  • RSS Lab 3
    In this lab we will be using iTunes to verify if the work we have done really works. This is a critical step. You need to be able to have your podcast post and be accessible in a podcast reading aggregator and iTunes is the biggest one out there.

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