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New media is definitely playing a big and important role in the 2008 election. Obama is doing a great example of this by having a my-space and face-book page and his music video on Utube. The republican candidate are not showing much involvement in using new media technologies I have seemed to notice. Hillary Clinton does have a video but Obama is definitely doing a better job at reaching out to younger people because of the fact that he is using new media technology.

Yes I believe new media is making a difference in this historical election we are currently witnessing. New Media is being used by companies and consumers everyday. Now even political candidates have found a way to utilize new media in their campaigns. One example is how Barack Obama, Hilary and most other candidates are using MySpace to gain voters and “friends.” Using this technique is great because it reaches a huge number of young people. On one of Obama’s MySpace, you can see youtube videos and even here an audio of one of his speeches. Obama is really doing an awesome job and shining light on himself. How can you tell that he’s the best utilizing new media? On February of 2008, the polls ran out of ballots and numerous major cities in the United States. Also, there was a high record number of young voters that came out to vote then ever before. Everywhere on the internet you hear or see a banner or some sort of campaign ran by Obama for America. It’s simply great. The other candidates need to step it up and do a better job at reaching out.

Go Obama! 

If i had a penny for everytime I saw Barack Obama’s face somewhere, I think I might be a millionaire. The way that he has utilized new media in his campaign is absolutely genius. He is on YouTube, he is on Facebook, myspace, he is everywhere. His passion for being the next president really shows, because I think that he is actually trying the hardest at getting all those on the fence voters. He is making himself available to people in ways they never thought possible. I never thought that I would see the presidential candidates on Facebook, but there they are. And Obama is at the head of the pack. He is on podcasts, his website is so visually appealing. I just think that he is doing a fantastic job. He has such a great voice, and when you are greeted by his podcast on his website, it just makes you think, “wow this guy has got it.” He just knows what to do, and new media is seriously helping him be successful. So go on with your bad self Obama. You are obviously the BOMB.

It hard for people nowadays to make excuses for not voting. Candidates can be seen everywhere even they are not campaigning in your city. Many candidates have a new weapon such as to help them win the white house. Many candidates use Facebook and Myspace to help them promote their message in hoping to win voter’s support. Campaign workers can easily view the information collected from these websites to mobilize the campaigning strategy. Obama Barack has use this method the most effective according to in the recent poll. Its used data collected from the number of pages view per user, reach on search engine, Google page rank, etc… to determine the ranking. Obama may have been doing a good job of monitoring what is being posted in regards to his message. A user posted this video on youtube which can be seen as an attack on their opponent that doesn’t reflect upon the candidate. Candidates must keep a closed eyes on this so that it doesn’t comeback to haunt them later in the election. Voters can easily go online to view what each candidates have to offer  at the comfort of their home.The new media has brought out more voters in this election then ever before. People are excited about the candidates and proud to support them on Election Day. Keep an open-minded and be sure to vote for your candidate on Election Day.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, keeping up with news can be difficult for all of us.  Whether we are students, parents, workers, or any combination of those three things, our lives are often hectic.  Unfortunately, many of us do not have time to read the news paper every morning, or watch the news every night.  These older forms of media such as print, radio, and television force us to work around their schedule to get the news.  If we cannot be present when the news is given, we miss it, which creates a society of uninformed citizens.

However, the emergence of new media has allowed us to get the news on our schedules.  With an election coming up in November of this year, staying informed is particularly important.  With the help of websites set up by news stations such and , we can access news instantly when we want it.  These websites have extensive political sections such as msnbc’s section titled Decision ’08.  This page contains various video clips and interactive pages that allow visitors to quickly and easily obtain information.  One section that I particulary like gives a breakdown of each candidate’s delegates by state.  The link to this page is here

Additionally, websites such as have made it possible to watch speeches and debates after they have been aired on televsion.  With my busy schedule, I have found this very helpful.   For example, a couple of weeks ago, I watched the January 31st Democratic Debate held in Hollywood on since I was unable to watch it when it was shown live.  The debates are broken down into parts.  Each one is about 10 minutes long.  To view part 1 of the January 31st debate click here

New media makes impact in this election. For example, a lot of younger people who normally do not care about politics now also paid more attention to elections. While new media can quickly promote a candidate of election, at the same time, it can quickly damage the reputation of a candidate from the election. People get to know the delegate number and result much quicker through new media. Therefore, it could also affect some of the outcome from later poll result. People who know how to get information across quickly and effectively did the best job using new media. People who ignored the power of new media did the worst job without taking advantage of Internet and new media.

New Media is definitely making a difference in this year’s presidential election. Everyone owns a computer or somehow has a way to the internet. Videos, articles, blogs, etc are all over the web and one is bound to find a link that has to do with the election. The most influential way to get to the public from what I know are websites like Facebook and MySpace. Everyone has an account, or knows someone that does. I feel like it makes one person actually feel significant and that it’s more personable. It is definitely a good way to reach out to the public.
Obama has taken advantage of this by creating a MySpace and a Facebook account. On his Facebook account, he also lists a few websites for viewers to check out like his “students for obama” blog. Obama is a very smart man by creating these websites because he catches people all over the world from different backgrounds and age groups. The young people especially. Obama is using the new media wisely and probably the best out of all the candidates. I feel sorry for Clinton because of all the bad publicity she is receiving. As i was looking at YouTube, i found so many videos that made fun of her and all these scandals, rumors, and gossip about her. But i guess, bad publicity is still publicity?

In my opinion, the internet and new media have been very important in the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign race. The presidential candidates have used new media to reach out to the younger crowd, 30-year-old and younger, since reports have shown that there has been a lack of votes from that age group through out the years. A few examples of new media that have been utilized to reach out to the younger audience are MySpace Friends, YouTube Stats, Facebook Supporters, Technorati Tracks, Eventful Demands, Hitwise Traffic, Meetup Members and much more. In fact, Tech President is an important tracking site that shows how many supporters each presidential candidate has on MySpace or Facebook as well as how many YouTube videos each candidate has. This allows the candidates to know how successful their current campaign is amongst the young voters. I believe new media is a terrific medium to utilize to influence young adults to vote and in inform the young crowd about the presidential candidate’s beliefs, motives, goals, stance, and so on. On Super Tuesday voting results proved that new media has successfully reached out to young adults. For example, Illinois Senator Barack Obama received 59 percent of voters support under the age of 30, while New York Senator Hilary Clinton received 38 percent. I believe that the digital media is the only media that is open and gasping for it’s last breath in the arena of politics.

Much has already been made of Barack Obama’s internet presense. With a high tech website offering user accounts with private messaging, personal blogging, sub groups and friends lists, they are fostering a digital community around their support base. Clearly his team is the state of the art in public relations, and that may be making all the difference in his campaign.

But much of the internet publicity is not Obama’s doing. He claimed no responsability for the internet advertisment slaming Hilary Clinton in a parody of 1984. He was also not repsonsable for Will.I.Am’s Yes We Can video which has drawn so much attention this past week. The beauty of the internet is that it gives everyone a voice. And, when their message is strong enough, the links are echoed through blogs and emails, reaching a potentially massive audience.

And the effects have been powerful. Obama has been breaking records for campaign contributions, pulling in a startling $32 million dollars in January. And while its unknown how much of this can be attributed to Obama’s online presense, the internet has still played a huge role in this, with 88% of the $32 million coming from online donations.

History is unraveling before our eyes! For the Presidential Election of 2008, we have many candidates – candidates of different ethnicities, genders, and religious beliefs. No longer will a person’s skin color or gender distinguish who is more applicable for a presidency. But not only are these reasons a stepping stone towards a new meaningful democracy, but towards a new age. We are witnessing an age with new media.

Media is playing a huge role in this year’s election. The public is becoming more aware and conscious of the state of our country. They want to voice their opinions. They want to be heard. Through the usage of the web community, the public can now do so. People are now able to communicate with each other through blogs, chat rooms, videos, websites, and the list can go on.

Everyday we are becoming away of this. Through the internet, the world is becoming more accessible. If we happen to miss a speech by a candidate, we can easily go on-line to watch it. If we want to know the different polls of a candidate, we can look it up within minutes. Many people have also made their own videos to support their candidate of preference. We are finally in an era where we can voice our opinions and be heard. 

The following is a link to Obama’s official presidential page. On this webpage are videos that support his campaign. At the bottom of the page are all the links that he is associated with such as facebook, myspace, and youtube. I believe that Obama is doing a great job at using the internet medium to his advantage.



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