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The time is near. The big day is almost here. This is it. This is the final stage most of us look forward to in life. That’s right, college graduation. This May of 2008, I will be going through a big transition in my life. This is the transition many of us all fear and wish we were young kids watching Saturday morning cartoon shows again. Or maybe some of us may not even be afraid. You may be cheering and extremely happy that you don’t anymore papers to write or study all night long. Walking the stage and getting the diploma means one thing – we’re all growing up. I’m pretty happy and proud of myself for making it this far, but one thing that really freaks me out, is what lies in the real world. I’ve been in school for almost 18 years of my life. It’s going to be something totally different and new. I’m about to become a real adult and have real responsibilities. This means no more messing around. The time is here and it’s time to do something with my life.

To be continued…