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I changed my final project. Instead of the topic of “life lessons,” I changed it to “pet peeve.” I thought that it would be more interesting and I hope everyone enjoys it!

For my final project, I am going to do it on “life lessons of the day.”  Its going to consist of three different days, in which I tell the life lesson I have endured on that day.

for my final project i couldnt decide what i was going to but thanks to YOU professor sloan…i have come to the conclusion that i am going to talk about 3 people in my life. i know for sure one is going to be my amazing mother. and one is going to be my roomate. and i dont know about the third…but i will figure it out.

I was not sure what I wanted to do for my final project but I decided that I will do it on series of shows making smoothies. I used to work at Jamba Juice in high school and now I work at a smoothie and fresh squeezed juice bar so I will be showing some recipes that I created on my own.

For my final project, I’m not too sure about what I want to do. But I do have a couple of stories in mind that I would like to share in a diary vlog. Hopefully they’re interesting or entertaining enough, but regardless it’s going to be like me; funky and fresh.

A preliminary idea that I have for this final project is a cooking series starring me as the chef. I haven’t pinned down any recipes and I’ll have to make sure I can find 3 compelling recipes to share, but cooking is something I’m always interested in and it could be an interesting way to tell a story, only in food form.

For my final project I am going to press the limits of nerdiness. I am planning on doing a series of videos that explains how to manage a fantasy baseball team. (Since, alot of people don’t know). I will explain how a draft works, and all the preparation that goes into predicting the best players to select. I’ll also explain how to follow your players throughout the season and make sure you have the best team on the field (er… cyberfield). Alot of people, including myself, take this stuff seriously… a little too much. I can’t sleep that well before the night of my fantasy draft (yes, I know thats bad). Hopefully it will inform those who have always wondered and maybe make some people laugh.

For my final project, I was planning on making a series of videoblogs about my new lifestyle.  I have recently gone from eating normal to vegan.  It has been a big adjustment and I wanted to make a video diary about my experience.  I will talk about the changes I have been making, the foods I now can and cannot eat, and the struggles I have had. 

I don’t know about you, but usually when I drive I notice some of the most craziest and outrageous things people do out on the streets. For instance, at least once a week I see someone digging their finger deep into their nose hoping to fish out a salty dirty booger. It makes me sick. Another thing that I always notice is women putting on mascara or lip stick while driving at the same time. Their eyes are definitely not on the road. However, I do have to give them credit for being able to multi-task.

One thing that surely drives me ballistic is when there is a car in front of you driving 5 to 10 miles under the speed limit. Not to be stereotypical, but we ALL know who these people are. They’re 99.9% of the time the same slow Asian FEMALE drivers. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about here. They’re the ones that have both hands glued to the wheel and eyes locked on target to the car in front of them. Even if you honk, they’re still stuck frozen in that position.

So for my final project, I plan on telling a simple story. My story is simply about the outrageous and funniest things that you see while you’re in your car driving from point A to B. Many of you out there may relate to this and possibly have been in similar situations, while some of you may not. Either way, after this project, I hope to OPEN your eyes and allow you to finally see the crazy things I see in my eyes when I drive.

I want to do my final project on baseball and the SF Giants. I’m a huge baseball fan and thought it would be cool to do a vlog on the SF Giants, their (fairly) new park, the ghost of Barry Bonds, why I’ve hated Barry Zito since he was on the A’s, etc. I could easily rant and rave about the team for a couple of minutes, but I would like to do a video of AT&T Park and talk about the history of the franchise. Sound good Professor Sloan?

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