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this is a movie about my lunch

this is what I ate for lunch today

My Lunch Video

My movie is about what I ate for lunch today.

This is my lunch video:

This is my movie about simple lunch.

Here’s my lunch video! And HERE is my video.  I lost the paper that shows how to upload the FTP so I used my .mac membership.  You can download the video by pressing “download” above the video. -Matt   

My Lunch

The Eating Adventures of Pat Tam! Must see!

“Riveting.” – Roger Ebert

What I ate for lunch!

This is a short movie about what I ate for lunch on Wednesday, March 19, 2007. It is as detailed as I could get!

Movie about my lunch

This is my movie about my lunch that I consumed today.

This video explains what a messy eater I am.