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Spring 2008 New Media Class

My Spring Class was great!

I really enjoyed this, the biggest class I have ever taught. These students were a pleasure to teach. The really stretched themselves and went beyond their comfort zones. I am going to be awarding a lot of good grades because these folks delivered. I am really proud to have known and taught them. We had a good time. This is a fine bunch of young people!

For our final I bought pizza and drinks for the whole class, except for one student who is a Vegan and so I got her a Vegan dish. It wasn’t just them learning from me. I learned from them and will be making changes that I think will make me a better teacher. Besides learning to teach better I learned some fun things. For example, I plan to go back to Vegan restaurant when I return from vacation (which starts tomorrow.)

But first, on Friday my wife and I will be in Seattle for the birth of our sixth grandchild! I will be back at SJSU on June 9th.

These are the video and audio blogs of students in this class:

For my final project I though about documenting a regular weekend from friday night to sunday night. It will either be me talking into the webcam and telling about what I did each day and maybe have some of my friends come over and talk with them in front of the camera or actually taking a camera with me wherever I go. I would prefer to use a real camcorder though so I could actually have it follow me around to wherever I would go. I’ve been wanting a camcorder for he longest time….I might just have a real reason to get one now after all.

I was very impressed by Ryan Sholin’s visit in class last week. I had no idea about 90% of the websites that he talked about and felt like I was totally old-fashioned. I now definetely want to update a bit more especially in terms of blogging. It makes sense to me that Ryan gave us the advice to have a blog to enhance our resumees.

I was also asking myself how Ryan can keep up with all these things and stay up to date. I find it very impressive and no questions asked it is very useful. However I think I would never want for technology and media to play such a big part in my life. I would not want my life to revolve around it and I think if someone really wants to stay on top of things they have to be very dedicated to it.

I enjoyed listening to the aspect of citizen journalism and how the internet pretty much gives everyone with a computer the opportunity to get their voice out there. I am defintely motivated to start blogging now. I’ll still use my MySpace though, even though it is old-fashioned =)

If you are still having problems with Lynda talk to me on Monday. Together we will work this out so you can get your work done!

The School of Journalism and Mass Communications is going through accreditation and visitors will be on site Monday and Tuesday to get your input. For under grads they will be meeting with students by their sequence on Monday from 3pm to 4:15. Sequence Meetings, I am told, will have free Pizza & Soft Drinks: Journalism majors meet in DBH room 209, Advertising majors meet in 226, PR majors meet in 202. There is scheduled to be a Tuesday 9am – 10:15a meeting for all students. It is not known to me if this meeting will be in 133 or in 226 where our class meets.

APSC 63 or MCOM 63

If you are a Journalism, PR or advertising student and are signed up for the MCOM 63 section of this class and not the APSC63 section you should ask your advisor to verify that you are signed up for the correct course. I will be happy to give you an add code if you are not, but this should be done before the add/drop deadline. Please don’t delay in checking this out with your advisor.


I have decided to postpone the deadline for reading Read: “We the Media,” by Dan Gillmor. The assignment to read The Introduction through the end of Chapter 3. This is up through page 65 in the printed O’Reilly edition of the Dan Gillmor book is now due on Feb. 13 rather than Feb. 6. The other assignment are unchanged. These assignments can be found here.

The Associated Collegiate Press is having a convention in San Francisco Feb. 28 thru March 2. Some SJSU Journalism students are involved. According to their brocure:

You can expect professional, idea-packed and sometimes provocative or humorous keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops at ACP’s 24th annual National College Newspaper Convention. It opens on Thursday, Feb. 28, with some intensive workshops, a stimulating keynote address and networking receptions, and continues on Friday and Saturday with a full program of more keynotes, scores of breakout sessions, displays and critiques. The convention ends at 11 a.m. on Sunday after another block of breakouts, a final keynote and the presentation of the Best of Show awards. All sessions will be led by media professionals, accomplished student media advisers and a select group of student journalists.

The website is here.


So far (as of Dec. 31, 2007) 16 students have enrolled, so it looks like we have a class:

  • The class is officially MCOM 63, Section 03 / APSC 63, Section 03
  • Title: New Media
  • Dates: Wednesdays, 1/23/2008 – 5/13/2008
  • Time: 6:00p – 8:45p
  • Location: Dwight Bentel Hall 226, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

This is the blog for my Spring 2008 New Media in Journalism Class in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at San Jose State University. More information will be posted here regarding this class. Information and posts from last semester’s class are posted here. If you are curious what was done in the Fall 2007 version of the class, please come check it out.

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