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The thing that I found most striking in the third three chapters of this book was the quote from Buzz Bruggeman that read:

I immediately scan it, read it and figure out what to do, i.e. respond, comment, thank, forward to our team, etc.

When I respond to a blogger, he/she is thrilled, and typi­cally writes more about us, and tells his/her readers that we are great people, responding to users and customers and the net leverages all the time. If there are user problems, we solve them quickly; on balance it is brilliant stuff.

My total involvement in this process once the query is done is almost zero. Probably weekly I check out Google news, Google newsgroups, but the Feedster stuff is vastly more important.

If you assume that bloggers really are “intelligent human agents”, then this model is sensational as you don’t have to go look for anyone or anything; it comes to you.

He is referring to Feedster, which serches for mentions of the program he created, “Active Words” and creates an RSS feed to his newsreader, and every half hour he can check what people are saying about his product. I find this amazing that it has become this easy to get customer feedback. Knowing what people think of your product can be so valuable. With the consumers input you can tweek your product to make it better and better. This is the kind of things companies pay big money to find out, and here it is for free.

May 2020