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It’s so amazing how fast technology is increasing in our world today. More and more users are going online and using the internet at such fast speeds. So much new information is being created everyday. For instance, the video stated that new technical information is doubling every two years. By 2010, it’s expected to double the information every 72 hours! That’s just in under 3 more years. Watching, Did You Know 2.0, made me feel quite scared but exciting at the same time. You never know what new thing can be invented tomorrow. Overall, this was an exciting video and very educational. I learned a few things I never knew about.

I am not surprised to see the Endless Love video with President Bush.  New media definitely plays a major role in politics and can be used to help or hurt candidates.  For example, Obama has been using new media and it has been helping him in the election,but I am sure there are people out there who could use new media to make him look bad too. New media also has that effect in social issues too.  Overall I believe new media is good, it just depends what you do with it and how you use it.

Internet provides fast information communication globally. Like Google, it uses a specially way to post advertisement to allow consumers to browse and search information without being overwhelmed by online advertisement. It basically discussed how Internet has provided the information and knowledge we are learning. Gradually, people are being affected by the use of Internet. People utilize the new way to search the information they intended to search “online.” For example, how to find a pizza store location, it is fairly convenience to find suitable information that is much faster and more effective. No matter if people accept or not accept the change for information sharing through Internet, people are constantly adapting to the change of new methods. The future trend is still constantly changing, we can only follow but can not conclude if the change is good or bad!

Although I was not surprised by much of the information on the web 2.0 video I did find it a little startling and scary to see it all compiled into one mind blowing presentation. Things like this resinate with people. I began realizing how much technology I depend on and take advantage of on a daily basis. It made me realize and how much my lifestyle has changed over the last couple of years due to e-mail, cell phones, blogs, laptops, and my college education. Many of these things we take advantage of and fail to recognize how they are dramatically changing the world around us. On a lighter note, it may be scary to think about change but it’s not always negative. We are growing and advancing as a human race. We are becoming smarted and more aware of our direct surroundings. 20 years ago the average American new little about our surrounding countries, the problems that occur on the other side of the world and how each of us, as individuals can do our part. Thanks to advancing technology, a window has opened that allows for a direct connection with the rest of the world, “The Internet” . Our technology is advancing exponentially and will continue on in this manner. I guess we need to be cautious of letting what we’ve created take over. Let’s not forget the classic movies where the mad scientist is killed by his own out of control robot.

Did you know…I must say I had no idea! This video held my attention completely and was very informative. I never took the time to realize just how much our world is advancing day by day, hour by hour. It is amazing! Technology is part of our daily lives. I could not image a day without it. Could you imagine living a day without your computer or without a phone? I know I wouldn’t be able to!

I believe all of the facts in the video to be extremely interesting, but also scary. We are always advancing in our technological endeavors. We are trying to make everything easier and more accessible. But in the process, we are losing the idea of our self. The world is becoming and has become so dependent on technology, I could not imagine how the world would be without it. If technology were to disappear, I believe our society would disappear with it. And this is a scary thought.

Watching this clip made me take a step back to realize the world around us. I didn’t know, or would’ve have thought that their were other countries in the world that were “better” than the United States. I know that might sound vain to say, but living in the United States I guess one can get really lost in the hype of ourselves. The facts represented have helped me see what is happening and how things are changing. Who would’ve thought that China would be the number one English speaking country in the world in the next ten years? I know I would’ve thought that. I would have thought that because we live in the United States that we would be with English being our first language. I guess that just proves how ignorant I am to the rest of the world, or how sheltered the United States can be against the rest of the world. This clip has also made me want to become more aware of the changing world with technology. What amazes me, but also scares me, with what I saw, was the growing use of technology. Ten thousand hours of video games, two hundred and fifty thousand text messages? Messages being received in one day that is more than the word’s population? We don’t even think about it, but the numbers are great. It’s a HUGE achievement from we have come from, but I believe that we also have to be careful. The numbers are mind boggling, and I don’t think many of us stop to think about it. This clip was a good way to help me slow down and appreciate the shifts that are happening in our world.

The video “Did you know 2.0,” has overwhelmed me with a lot of interesting information. It is interesting to know that 100 % of India’s college graduate students speak English, and it is estimated that China will have the greatest English-speaking population in 10 years. Another interesting fact that impacted me was that the college graduation rate in 2006 in the U.S. is 1.3 million, compared to India which has 3.1 million, and China which has 3.3 million. Some people may wonder what has gone wrong in America. Personally, I believe that the cause of such a low graduation rate may be blamed on the fact that 21-year-olds have spent more than 10,000 hours playing video games and over 10,000 hours spent talking on the phone in their short lifespan. I often wonder what ever happened to the art and pleasure of simply sitting down and reading a novel for a change. It seems as though the age of Enlightenment has come and gone so quickly that our generation is doomed to ultimate stupidity simply due to the fact that laziness is acceptable in today’s society. It seems as though productivity is frowned upon by adolescents and being able to merely slide by is the way to go.

            This video has made me feel like America does not care about education or doesn’t value it as much as other countries. For me it is a priority that I utilize all the resources that I can and need so that I can make it in the 21st century. When I graduate from college I feel that as an American I will be competing with foreign students in the work force; however, taking a higher step than my competitors will allow the managers to see what I can offer to the company for example, by achieving a higher degree, joining organizations, volunteering in work related events, and interning, I believe with all the experience I will gain through out my college years I can make it through the competitive workforce.

Wow. Please tell me that those numbers were just pulled out of no where. Because if they were anywhere close to accurate I am kind of scared. Not only for me, but for my kids, and my friends, and my family. I can’t believe that those statistics are correct. I feel as though the United States is seriously lacking and needs to catch up. Never in a million years would I have thought that Great Britain was the place to be. Jobs are being taken up by people from out of the country and computers even. It is just amazing to me that all of this is going on. The whole myspace thing really got me though. Although I do have a myspace, and although I did sign up when it first came out, not when it was popular, it is just amazing that it would be the 8th largest country in the world. That is out of control. The amount of time that people spend on the internet is ridiculous. I just hope that by the time I graduate, that I will have the skills I need to succeed in this ever changing world. Everything just happens so fast it is really difficult to keep up. But I guess I need to try harder.

There were a lot of things that ran through my mind as I watched this video. The ongoing media revolution is moving forward with a speed of light it seems sometimes. To me this is a blessing and a curse in one thing. I’m not denying that new media has made my life so much easier and I admit to being a frequent user of it. I have a myspace account, I frequently watch youtube videos, I absolutely rely on my laptop and cellphone and don’t know what I would do without them. Sometimes I ask myself how I did things before the internet and textmessaging and being available to communicate 24/7. Despite the practical aspect of all these things, the speed that the developments are moving scares me a lot. Just thinking about the accomplishments of humanity in the last 100 years is absolutely unbelievable to me. From the invention of something as simple as a lightbulb, to a computer that can exceed the capacity of the human brain in a bit more than 100 years. A blink of an eye considering how long it took for us humans to evolve from apes and walk upright. I sometimes ask myself what else can we possibly invent and I am scared that we will lose our humanity to machines one day.

As far as my concern as a student. This video makes me very concerned and uncertain about my future. I think for our generation it will be essential to constantly make “updates” to our skills and knowledge to stay on top of things. I see the future as extremely competitive. Who knows what me major in today will still be needed in 20 years? I think what every student has to consider after watching this is that we have to be aware that our country is not the greatest like many people here think. There are other countries that are more educated and more developed in a technical and academical sense than we are. I believe in the future we will really need to be going out of our ways to be savy in using new media, beacuse it is easy to be replaced by a machine.

One thing that concerned me about this in particular is that I feel we are losing a bit of ourselves and who we are to technology. Quite frankly. I think it would be more useful to adress issues like poverty, famine and health issues in third world countries rather than giving a couple of kids a laptop. Sure it is phenomenal that they would hold the world in their hands rather than a book. The question here is though what is the priority?

The internet is vast, endless and ever changing. From my first AOL account to going broadband, HTML to Flash, the internet has progressed in rapid speed, and will continue to do so. We have the world at our finger tips. We have the power to communicate with people across the world, as if they were in our own living room. I have the power to see my sister and her apartment in New York in real time. We have conversations like she were sitting right in front of me. The world has become smaller in that aspect as well. The possibilities will continue to grow as technology evolves. In addition, the way people live, think and function will change as time goes on. I feel we have only seen the beginning of what is to come for the future.

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