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Here are my final project vlog.

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III


Here is my vlog.

Chapter 10 reminds every journalist to abide to the common law practice when posting information on the Internet. Although Internet provides much freedom reaching wider audience at different geographical zones, the legal consequences can still apply. Gillmor wants to convey the message to general readers not to ignore legal action that can be placed in reality.

Internet may seem as the medium to communicate any message one would normally take advantage of. Unfortunately, there is still boundary and limitation that one would need to know. When Google first intend to penetrate Internet market in China, it is facing uphill in many respects such as censorship on the content of search result. Similarly, one would need to know FCC is also involved in the content provided on the Internet.

Gillmor elaborates the true meaning and ideas for properly using Internet tools. In order to make one’s opinion or voice to be heard, people would still need to understand the concept of copyright. For example, music industry wants to prohibit unauthorized music sharing and download. Furthermore, people want to be aware of the any copyright material they may share and use from the Internet.

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This is my markuplab


Dan Gillmor the author of “We the Media” has brought
us insights relating to technology and media. It would
be interesting to see how Wiki media will evolve in
the future, as it seems to be the largest online
reference now. At the same time, Google is trying to
challenge to becoming the largest information
organizer in the high tech industry. There is going to
be information war in the Internet.

At some point, people have all the freedom to voice
their opinions either through blogs or online forums
alike. Many well known online news media companies
such as CNN, MSNBC, etc have adapted this trend. As
the information channels quickly reach audience, it
could greatly affect the way people make decision
through their daily life. For example, people make
decision on what they eat, shop, or drive based on the
opinions or reviews they could possibility find
online. People even become like or dislike on certain
things based on the information and opinions gathered
from the Internet.

People enjoy freedom of speech, however not every
country gives that kind of freedom. Likewise, the
search giant Google or media giant CNN can only report
up to a level about the news or information in China.
The news information are getting to audiences at a
much faster rate, almost instantly as it is happening.
People subscribe to web services such as syndication
feed which updates the news headlines on regular
basis. News media sometimes tend to draw audiences
attentions by exaggerating the effect of the events,
hence the media can get wider audience on the issue.

Savvy bloggers and Internet users need to learn what
is the correct information from rumors. As the
information become more readily available to
audiences, people need to learn as quickly as email
filters to determine what information are important to

My final project proposals will be based on the stories of my pet learning how to swim. This will involve using vlog for separate videos describing different stage of swimming experience. The videos are intended to be fun and interesting. First episode presents the first moment my pet learns how to balane in water. The second episode presents the real swimming action in the swimming pool. The third episode presents how my pet intents to find a safer water around the bay area.

This is my movie about simple lunch.

This is an interest dog vlog for pet owners.  One dog loves to play toys while the other dog does not. The dogs have completely different characters, one enjoys playing with dog owners while one completely ignores the toys. The owner of dog bought a lot of toys for the dogs, and patiently playing with them, but one of the dog just does not play with another. It seems the dogs are trying to talk to the owners, one being very active seeking for attention, while another is more quiet. The two dogs finally play with each other, but one acted friendly while another acted unfriendly.

Ryan Sholin talked about many ideas relating to the concept of Internet communication. These ideas provided us more insight about new media and knowledge. We get to be more aware of Internet communication and social networking. From Facebook to MySpace, it is inevitable for people to communicate through Internet more effectively. We become more depended to search information online.

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