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Hey everyone, here is my final video project on my VLOG.

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This is my first webisode for the final project in this class.

In this video, I will take you behind the scenes to some of the things that I see as a cameraman.

Here is a link to my web page assignment! Dreamweaver rocks!

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The latest 3 chapters (10, 11, and 12) was very informative. Gillmor talks about the internet and how it’s used so widely around the world. It currently is one of the most advanced technologies that exists and is the current most important medium. Before this was the printing press. Think about it. Without these technological innovations, new jobs and companies wouldn’t exist. Blogs and new media wouldn’t be here. People won’t be able to ‘youtube’ when they’re bored. The laws having to deal with media in Chapter 10 were very useful and informative. Learning certain terms like libel, malice, and defamation is vital to know, especially in media related jobs. You wouldn’t want to be sued one day so it’s best to learn these terms now. In chapter 11, Gillmor talks about copyright and cookies. Cookies is an interesting topic and has its ups and downs. In conclusion, the book We the Media allowed me to better understand about the new changes in media that are with us today. If we don’t stay up to speed with the rapid changes in the world, we would be left clueless behind others. Keep blogging!

Hey everyone my name is David and here is my lab assignment with a little description about myself. Enjoy!

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I don’t know about you, but usually when I drive I notice some of the most craziest and outrageous things people do out on the streets. For instance, at least once a week I see someone digging their finger deep into their nose hoping to fish out a salty dirty booger. It makes me sick. Another thing that I always notice is women putting on mascara or lip stick while driving at the same time. Their eyes are definitely not on the road. However, I do have to give them credit for being able to multi-task.

One thing that surely drives me ballistic is when there is a car in front of you driving 5 to 10 miles under the speed limit. Not to be stereotypical, but we ALL know who these people are. They’re 99.9% of the time the same slow Asian FEMALE drivers. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about here. They’re the ones that have both hands glued to the wheel and eyes locked on target to the car in front of them. Even if you honk, they’re still stuck frozen in that position.

So for my final project, I plan on telling a simple story. My story is simply about the outrageous and funniest things that you see while you’re in your car driving from point A to B. Many of you out there may relate to this and possibly have been in similar situations, while some of you may not. Either way, after this project, I hope to OPEN your eyes and allow you to finally see the crazy things I see in my eyes when I drive.

When I read further and further into each chapter from this book, I find the topics and content in it a lot more interesting. It only gets better! I have taken media classes in the past and learned all about the changes being made and how it is currently affecting news and media all over the world. Chapter 7 talks about the rise of citizen journalists and how everyday normal people can now become that reporter or journalist that they always see on television. One news station in southern California even laid off numerous employees and opened up their website to citizen journalists. This enables them to upload videos and write stories that are currently happening around their home town. The problem that arises with this is that stories and articles can be less reliable and inaccurate. On the plus side, I believe this portal allows more people to be active and participate in what’s going on in the world around them. People will be able to give their input, say their ideas, and express their voice as well. Blogs and wikipedia are being used on a daily basis today.

terminator judgment day

In the movie, Terminator, the characters talk about Judgment Day or Dooms Day and how it may come true some time in the near future. Robots and computers will destroy all of man kind. Chapter 8 talks about the exponential growth of technology and how it is increasing everyday. Can we slow it down or stop this advancement? Almost everyone in the world revolves their lives around technology. Heck, you can even talk to your car and tell it to perform certain tasks through the sound of your voice and a push of a button (Ford Sync by Microsoft). What’s next? A computer built into some sunglasses or a cell phone that can control everything and anything? The world is amazingly changing at rapid speeds everyday and if you don’t stay up to date with technology then you’re just falling behind.

This is my lunch video:

Reading these chapters gave me a more in depth understanding of the topics and lessons we are currently exploring in this course. I agree with what the author, Dan Gillmor, is saying. Gillmor states that new media is an advantage to us all and is on our side. Journalism has really been redefined with the new media and different techniques that allows people to broadcast or state their mind. Blogs are becoming a popular way for regular people and even professionals from companies to write and talk about current news. Since blogs are so overly used these days, companies and news stations are becoming less powerful. The internet is run and controlled by the audience and users and not corporations. There was a news station recently that laid off numerous employees. By doing this, they hope that users become reporters and submit their videos online of current news and situations going on in their city/county. This gives people a chance to become that reporter or broadcaster that they’ve always been wanting. Let’s see how this goes.

Dan Gillmor talks about a lot of interesting topics in his book, “We the Media.” Before all of this new media and trends in technology ever existed, humans seemed simply happy with newspapers and television. Ever since the internet came around, the world is shifting towards an even crazier and even higher productive way of journalism and advertising. These new forms of media has reached every single one of our lives in various ways. For instance, regular consumers are able to capture and record significant stories or broadcasts straight from their digital camera or camera phone. Journalism and newspapers have definitely taken a hit. Jobs are being deleted and new ones are created at the same time. People like Ryan Sholin are excellent examples of a blogger that works in journalism. What is in store for the world in the next few years?

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