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Since the screen isn’t very clear tonight, and the resolution that fits under 10MB is kind of low, I made a new VLOG that has higher resolution videos. They still download pretty quick if you have a high speed connection. 

This is not for the class assignments though.  I think I might keep making these so feel free to subscribe.



Here is my “Photoshop Is Love” VLOG! I’ll be presenting the third video in class since it is most relevant.

Matthew Mountford

PHotoshop Is Love Episode 1

Photoshop Is Love Episode 2

Photoshop Is Love Episode 3

Here’s my MARKUP LAB.


-Matthew Mountford

This is a different type of story, but I think it still fits the purpose of the assignment.

ACCESS Photo Shoot

Youtube is covered with videos titled “Extreme Photoshop.” While the video of the heavy girl being shrunk quite a few waist sizes is impressive, most of them are rather lame. They show internet resolution files of celebrities being edited or amateur models with a glow effect.

I’ve been editing glamor and studio portraits for four years and have learned professional editing skills that have literally turned my worst photographs into my best. For my final project, I would like to choose three images and show the “story” of how layer by layer, a model is made to look perfect.

The first image will open the gate with an amateur model at Cayote Hills. Then I’ll move on to a photo shoot with Top 100 Maxim Hometown Hottie, Tiffanie Poon, who posed covered in orange and black body latex. And for the finale, I’ll show how it took 4 progressively stacked psd files, 3.5GB of pure pixel data, and over 50 adjustment layers to produce the single image in the opening spread of the upcoming issue of ACCESS Magazine.

Here’s my lunch video! And HERE is my video.  I lost the paper that shows how to upload the FTP so I used my .mac membership.  You can download the video by pressing “download” above the video. -Matt   

Here’s a VLOG of behind the scenes footage of a photo shoot. We did a HUGE photo shoot last Friday for ACCESS Magazine in room 226 that went until 4 in the morning.  We rented a video camera from the school to video tape it so we could make a video like this, but the camera wouldn’t work for more than a few minutes so we gave up.  😦 A friend of mine took some cool pictures of behind the scenes though so at least we have that.  

I turned directions after the first page and gave it more of a magazine look.  The cool thing about the internet is that there’s no such thing as “real estate” that publications face. Here’s my newsletter!  I was able to connect to the server from home too. 

Even as a person who relies on the internet for research, file transfers, networking, and low cost publicity via my self-branded website, I have to admit that I rather hate the internet. –  Read the rest of this entry »

Ok, so maybe I didn’t already know everything in the Did You Know 2.0 video, and maybe I didn’t buy the t-shirt…  But I wasn’t too surprised.  Actually, part of the theme of the next issue of Access Magazine is all about the naivety and egocentrism of American culture.  This video offers a lot of good ideas for the “Things America Can’t Beat Other Countries Art” article that we’re doing. . Read the rest of this entry »

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