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Dreamweaver Lab

Special Thanks to Professor Cynthia McCune
Use Dreamweaver to create a simple web page for this class. You will add content and new hyperlinks to your web page throughout the semester. Your web page should include:

  • Header or header elements of your own design.
  • Hyperlinks to your blog, the class blog and to your class projects (including your blog header, one or more sample InDesign layouts [jpg or pdf], an iMovie project, a podcast, and your final multimedia project).
  • A 110×110 photo should accompany/illustrate each hyperlink on your web page, use this photo, another photo of yourself or [take screen shots of your projects, resize in Photoshop, save for the web].
  • Follow FTP directions to upload your web page and all associated files to your folder in the class web site.


Due Today, April16

  • Lynda Assignment on Dreamweaver
    • Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training, with: Garrick Chow
      1. Introduction
      2. Getting Started
      3. The Interface
      4. Site Control
      5. Document Basics
      6. Linking
      7. CSS Essentials
    • View all the segments in the listed chapters, including the introduction.

Due Next Week, April 23

  • The first episode of your final project
  • Read: “We the Media,” by Dan Gillmor
    • Please read Chapters 10, 11 and 12 through the end of the book. This is starts on page 191 in the printed O’Reilly edition of the Dan Gillmor book. Label this post “We the Media 4”
    • Do a post on this blog (or put a link on this blog to a post on your own blog) related to that reading indicating what the author said and why you agree or disagree with the author.

Special Announcement

Next week we are going to have a very special guest speaker. Brian Baer, the political photographer from The Sacramento Bee. Brian will be speaking to our class. Brian is a “hot shooter.” He has one of the keenest eyes I know of.

He is a friend and a great guy. He is an alum of our photojournalism program and is still passionate about photojournalism. He has seen the transition from conventional analog to digital photojournalism. This should be a real treat! You are invited to bring friends, especially recommended for folks interested in photojournalism.

An added bonus is the inside view Brian has of California politics. This should be a great session!

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