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Finishing this book, I can say that I really enjoyed it and would even consider going to buy it in hardcopy. I respect his opinion on copyright that he expresses in the final chapter. I found it interesting that he values what people might accomplish with his written words. I had never heard of “Creative Commons” but I find that it should be inspirational to other authors. This is a man who values the outspoken, opinionated people who are creative and passionate enough to be inspired by his writing and take it to another level. By stating that “all rights are not reserved” it allows the reader to take his message one step further. It also allows his message to get spread by numerous voices. For example, our class writes a blog post about his book once a week. I wonder if he reads any of it?

I also found Chapter 9 to be very interesting when he talked about how photoshop and other image/sound editing technology has changed the validity of everything. He states that “photos are evidence of nothing in particular.” I never thought about this. A picture has always been the most valid type of proof or evidence and it is strange to think that this concept has changed. This can be applied in any situation; the news, magazines, newspaper, TV, politics, etc. can we trust nothing?

I also agreed with his statements about staying anonymous online. He made some good arguments about why it is necessary such as private matters that could affect your personal life if people knew who you are; such as illnesses, sexual orientation, or political slant. On the other side he made a statement that I entirely agree with. If you are going to make an argument or statement of some meaning you will not have any credibility if you don’t state who you are. He quotes, “Credibility stems not just from smart argument, it also comes from a willingness to stand behind those arguments.” I couldn’t find this more true! I find it irritating when someone online is “trolling” just to be annoying yet they won’t state who they are. This causes many problems online. It allows people to cause problems without any consequences.

Overall I enjoyed the book and will most likely read it again.

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Here is my markup lab. 

For my final project I would like to talk about a basic weekend for me.  My weekends are often very different.  Sometimes they consist of me visiting my boyfriends polish family, going to an 80’s party, baby sitting my six month old nephew or something completely random.  I think it could be very interesting and fun. I may change my mind but for now this is what I might do. 

From the reading I found most of Chapter 7 and 8 to be quite intriguing.  Chapter 7 discussed how the news as a whole has changed due to the blogs, weblogs, vlogs and so on.  I found it interesting how blogs seem to increase the value of news not just nationally but internationally.  The reading made an enlightening point when it touched upon the fact that people that live in repressed countries are now able to express their concerns, ideals and beliefs about political or religious topics that they would otherwise be imprisoned or killed for.  Blogs allow these people to speak out and express themselves as unique individuals.  Such people in Iran can offer in depth conversation and coverage about the country as a whole and help Americans to more clearly understand the situation of the country that no western journalist could ever cover. 

The chapter discusses how weblogs allow people to be more involved, passionate and engaged with their community and nation. As the author states, “it allows people to be part of a larger conversation.” Weblogs have also started the era of independent journalists and citizen journalism.  Such sites as Melrose Mirror and Junior Journal are examples given of publications designed by the people.   I also found it interesting that bloggers seemed to have changed the meaning of “off the record.”  This has made the tactic of excluding the media from coverage to have less meaning.  Simply put, bloggers are everywhere and thanks to our constitutional rights they can write and discuss anything they want.  The example given was a meeting with President George Bush where the media was not invited.  A man who was personally involved in the meeting went home and blogged details about what went on behind closed doors.  This situation can ultimately happen anywhere. 

Chapter 8 made me a little nervous when he started discussing Moore’s Law. This brought me back to the “did you know 2.0” movie.  The theory behind Moore’s law is that our technology is growing exponentially and there is no stopping it. In the chapter he states that “the very nature of technology is that it is relentless and unstoppable”   We are beginning to put brains and memory into everything, our world is becoming more and more powerful. Just the fact that my spell checker does not correct words like blog should be our first sign. This takes me to Metcalf’s Law.  If I understood it correctly, it means that communication technology becomes more powerful based on the size of the network.  Therefore our networks must be getting stronger every day. Every day hundreds of nine year olds are getting cell phones, basically every printer has a fax machine built in, we can use our phones to play music, take pictures, and check the weather.  Eventually as “We the Media” states, the world will be connected by one small, powerful device that is the “fabric of our lives” 

I found chapter four of “We the Media” to be very fascinating.  Although I am an advertising major I just happened to be assigned the role of PR Director in my Advertising 129 class (campaigns).  At first I was very disappointed with this role because I had no clue what to do.  I barely understood the idea behind a press kit and was not clear about how to write a news release.  After reading this chapter I realized that there is much more to Public Relations in this day of evolving technology.  The tactic of going onto weblogs and online discussions to research what the public is saying about your product is genius.  Not only are the PR professionals researching but they are directly interacting with their future customers.  This has to be the single most effective form of PR and it’s free publicity which no company wants to turn down.  This chapter gave me a whole new angle on how to approach my duties of PR in my advertising class.  Say goodbye to ancient press releases and hello to the open world of internet conversation. 

I found a Vlog on a site called which has a bunch of different channels that contain vlogs. I started searching around. There was all types of vlogs relating to different topics. There was animal vlogs and cartoon vlogs, and even political vlogs. Then I spotted a channel that said “celebrity vlogs.” From there I found “r vlog” which seems to be Rosie O’Donnell along with some other celebrities. This is so interesting to me. I find it fascinating that people use this as a way of self-expression and artistic expression. Even celebrities seem to use this outlet which surprised me because they already have so much recognition and publicity as it is.

From what I have read of “ We the Media” it seems to be a fascinating piece of work.  I Completely agree first off with the fact that a large majority of our news and interests of media tend to be strictly based around profit rather than informing the public.  I have never thought of this as dangerous but as put by Dan Gillmore “A shallow citizenry can be turned into an angry mob more easily than an informed one”; this made me think.  Our media can be a direct reflection of our society and vise-versa. By looking at today’s media , this is rather frightening.   I found it interesting that some of the best newspapers in todays society are run by families or small groups of committed investors rather than some large content controlling corporation.

 I agree with the fact that our media and the ways in which we get our news is changing in speeds we can’t imagine.  It is, as said by Gilmore“ A media revolution” that in my opinion we should all be excited to be a part of.  I know for some it may seem unstable, unreliable and in ways unpredictable but this is the age of rising technology that nobody can stop.  I agree that possibly the new interactive ways in which we can get our news may help society as a whole to be more involved and more informed. We should all do our best to keep up. 

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