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Here is the second episode of my final project. Please click the picture-link below!

This week I took us on another tour of a favorite California city of mine, San Francisco. Sit back, relax, and enjoy ūüôā

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This is my first video I’ve ever created on iMovie!

Hello!  Here is a link to my new web page with a little information about me and my love for the San Jose Sharks!

One of the chapters that stuck out the most to me during this reading series was chapter 8. I felt this chapter related to a lot of what we’ve been discussing and learning about in class. On one of the first days of class we were given a lecture that included information on Moore’s Law. According to Gillmor, “Moore’s Law is about exponential change: it doesn’t take long before you’ve increased power by thousands-fold”. Gilmor also discusses how journalism “feeds” off of all these new innovations, namely new devices for collecting and distributing data that can hold a huge amount of information. Gillmor also discusses how easy it is to share information today. I found it funny when Gillmor said “Hundreds of millions of people in the U.S. and abroad are using camera phones (soon to be video-camera phones)”. My cell phone is a video-camera phone, so Gillmor was right on target there. I wonder if he predicted what happened with the iPhone from Apple? All of this information made me reflect on what we’ve been learning in class, what with the Web 2.0 video, the presence of campaigns on, the sharing of information on Twitter, etc.

For the Final Project I want to document the upcoming trips I have planned. ¬†I’m going to Seattle in a couple weeks and then down to LA in early May. ¬†I’ll also most likely be spending a weekend in Monterey or San Francisco. ¬†I’m trying to plan as much weekend traveling as I can before I graduate! ¬†I think it would be interesting to document my trips on my digital camera and then edit each trip into an episode for my vlog. ¬†I just hope it’s not too difficult!

What I ate for lunch!

This is a short movie about what I ate for lunch on Wednesday, March 19, 2007. It is as detailed as I could get!

Gillmor has many notable points, again, in chapters 4-6 of We the Media. One I thought worth mentioning was, “readers (or viewers or listeners) collectively know more than media professionals do.” Gillmor goes on to discuss the fact that in reality, there are more readers/listeners/viewers than there are media professionals. Media professionals today do need to recognize and realize that their audience can quickly disappear if they have to settle for mediocre coverage. This is becoming even more true with the ever present Internet being used as a form of reader/listener/viewer expression. According to blogger Jeff Jarvis, “…The Internet is the first medium owned buy the audience…” Gillmor goes on to further bash organizations whose reporters leave out their e-mail addresses at the end of their online news stories. Gillmor says there is no excuse for leaving out contact information if the article is published on the Web. He believes, and I agree with this, that news stations who does this are “not remotely serious about engaging its audience”. The Internet is owned by the people and it is there where people can voice their opinions. It makes me wonder if the reporters who choose to leave out their information are doing so to avoid controversy? Any excuse though, in my opinion, is inexcusable.

I came across the¬†Treasure Outfitters vlog¬†which documents “the adventures of real life treasure hunters”. ¬†A team of six hunters explore the history of our country in the southern states, placing together information and artifacts they discover from the Civil War period. ¬†Their goal is to “preserve the past one artifact at a time”. ¬†The crew discovers bottles from as late as 1872! ¬†Their videos are actually filmed on private property and are shot with digital cameras. ¬†It looks like this vlog is very new and current as it was last updated on March 7, 2008. ¬†Though I’m not that¬†interested in the Civil War, I honestly thought these vlogs were SO cool! ¬†It would be so amazing to dig things up from that long ago…

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