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Look at the link to my blogger blog that holds my vlog! Say that ten times fast.


While reading the last three chapters of We the Media, I was intrigued with chapter 11 and the example about China. In 2003, China blocked access to blogs and other news sources. China censored information from the Internet based on the source’s political ideology. China didn’t want their citizens to have free, unfettering access to other news sources. I would assume China doesn’t want its citizens to read or view anything that would reflect poorly on the country and its political leaders.

This led me to try a little Google experiment. First, I googled “Tiananmen Square massacre” in the U.S. version of Google. The Images page was filled with pictures of violence, blood, death and gore. Then, I googled the same exact phrase in the Chinese version of Google. This time, the Images page showed pictures of tanks, tourists at Tiananmen Square and there was one violent image (it must have squeaked through).

As an American university student, I take for granted the wealth of uncensored information that are at my fingertips. It seems unbelievable to me that my government would censor certain information because it reflects negatively on the United States. When I write President Bush is a dimwit, I’m not worried that the government would censor me or that I could be reprimanded for stating an opinion.

My first podcast EVER! Man, this was hard.

Here is a link to the Dreamweaver Lab.

Here is my markup lab. Hopefully this works!

Did You Know 2.0 came back to haunt me in chapter 8 of We the Media. The author brought me back to Moore’s law and how technology is just growing and growing and growing. This made me think back to a visit I made to the Fresno Bee last year. I was given a tour of the newspaper by a recent graduate from SJSU who now works there as an entertainment columnist. He said that older, more traditional journalists are losing out on opportunities because they refuse to learn about new technology advancements like blogs, social networking sites, how to create content for online use and how to do something as small as reformatting a .jpg file in Paint. PAINT! He said that every new computer skill I pick up is that much better for me because the industry is changing and journalists who know to make podcasts, blogs, vlogs, etc. are more desirable.

Technology will never slow down. It’s only going to advance, evolve and pick up momentum. This is one of the main reasons I decided to take this class. I knew that learning how to use Adobe programs, how to make a podcast, how to make a vlog was going to help me further down in life. And it already has. I just started an internship, and one of the reasons I was hired because I knew how to use InDesign.

I want to do my final project on baseball and the SF Giants. I’m a huge baseball fan and thought it would be cool to do a vlog on the SF Giants, their (fairly) new park, the ghost of Barry Bonds, why I’ve hated Barry Zito since he was on the A’s, etc. I could easily rant and rave about the team for a couple of minutes, but I would like to do a video of AT&T Park and talk about the history of the franchise. Sound good Professor Sloan?

Clip from my lunch video

This is a video of what I had for lunch today (March 19, 2008). It was okay. Nothing special.

In the opening paragraphs of chapter four, it talked about how an interview between reporters from the Washington Post and Donald Rumsfeld that was posted online by the Department of Defense in order to show people how snippets of interviews can be taken out of context.

As soon as I read chapter four, “Newsmakers Turn the Tables,” I found an example of an interview with Vice President Dick Cheney on The New York Times blog, ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz asked the Vice President about the unpopularity of the Iraq war:

Raddatz: Two-third of Americans say it’s not worth fighting.

Cheney: So?

Raddatz: So? You don’t care what the American people think?

Cheney: No. I think you cannot be blown off course by the fluctuations in the public opinion polls. There has, in fact, been fundamental change and transformation and improvement for the better. That’s a huge accomplishment.

The transcript of this exchange can be found online at the ABC news Web site. I think that posting interview transcripts online is not only in the best interest of the interviewee, but also the interviewer. This transcript shows the blatant disregard of public opinion that Vice President Cheney has toward the American people.

The author suggests that posting transcripts online is frightening to journalists because it undermines their authority of having the final word, but I think this a great feature. Posting transcripts is a way to give a reader insight on the entire exchange between the interviewer and interviewee, and if a politician or any other popular figure wants to backtrack on their statements, there is a source the journalist can point to in order to defend their stories.

“Beach Walks with Rox – A Little Aloha Every Day – Join Roxanne in Hawaii and her dog, Lexi, for their daily video Beach Walk, sometimes serious, sometimes frivolous, always aloha!”

I randomly stumbled upon “Beach Walks,” and thought it was a neat vlog to share with the class. “Beach Walks” is an active vlog that features Rox and her dog as they walk along the shores of Hawaii. In each episode, Rox ponders about life and its challenges while weighing in with her own insight and advice. “Beach Walks” has produced 602 episodes to date and seems to be popular in its niche. Its even won three vloggies.

The best thing I like about “Beach Walks” is the dog, Lexie. How can you not love that dog? She’s awesome! I’ve always wanted a dog that wasn’t scared of the water and would play in the surf. I also like how Rox brings Hawaii into my computer through her vlog. I briefly lived in Hawaii and I’ve always planned on moving back.

I think “Beach Walks” is an example of a good vlog because it is updated regularly, the posts are insightful and it showcases the fantastic scenery of Hawaii.

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