Wednesday, May 21 5:15p-7:30p, DBH 226

Final Projects are here.

You will only be able to present from one computer. This computer will only have iTunes and a Web Browser Available. The videos or audios all have to be on a central theme. You start with 100 points. Here is how grading works. You loose points based on the following:

  • Minimum 3 episodes. Minus 33 points for each audio or video less than three.
  • Minus 15 points if all episodes are not true to theme.
  • Minus 10 points if your episodes fail to tell a story.
  • Minus 10 points each if you failed to create a Blogger Video Blog (vlog) and/or a Feedburner RSS feed for your final project and/or that vlog is not dedicated to the final project.
  • Minus 15 points for each instance of the use of copyrighted material without permission.
  • Minus 10 points if you are unable to present from within iTunes due to a failure of your RSS feed.
  • Minus 25 points if you are unable to present from either iTunes or your video blog.