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Spring 2008 New Media Class

My Spring Class was great!

I really enjoyed this, the biggest class I have ever taught. These students were a pleasure to teach. The really stretched themselves and went beyond their comfort zones. I am going to be awarding a lot of good grades because these folks delivered. I am really proud to have known and taught them. We had a good time. This is a fine bunch of young people!

For our final I bought pizza and drinks for the whole class, except for one student who is a Vegan and so I got her a Vegan dish. It wasn’t just them learning from me. I learned from them and will be making changes that I think will make me a better teacher. Besides learning to teach better I learned some fun things. For example, I plan to go back to Vegan restaurant when I return from vacation (which starts tomorrow.)

But first, on Friday my wife and I will be in Seattle for the birth of our sixth grandchild! I will be back at SJSU on June 9th.

These are the video and audio blogs of students in this class:

Since the screen isn’t very clear tonight, and the resolution that fits under 10MB is kind of low, I made a new VLOG that has higher resolution videos. They still download pretty quick if you have a high speed connection. 

This is not for the class assignments though.  I think I might keep making these so feel free to subscribe.


Hey everyone, here is my final video project on my VLOG.

Here is the link:

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

PS. Tell me what you think =)

If it has not been turned in already, it is now too late.


><  here is my markup lab. On it you will find some quality pictures from my vacation.

Wednesday, May 21 5:15p-7:30p, DBH 226

Final Projects are here.

You will only be able to present from one computer. This computer will only have iTunes and a Web Browser Available. The videos or audios all have to be on a central theme. You start with 100 points. Here is how grading works. You loose points based on the following:

  • Minimum 3 episodes. Minus 33 points for each audio or video less than three.
  • Minus 15 points if all episodes are not true to theme.
  • Minus 10 points if your episodes fail to tell a story.
  • Minus 10 points each if you failed to create a Blogger Video Blog (vlog) and/or a Feedburner RSS feed for your final project and/or that vlog is not dedicated to the final project.
  • Minus 15 points for each instance of the use of copyrighted material without permission.
  • Minus 10 points if you are unable to present from within iTunes due to a failure of your RSS feed.
  • Minus 25 points if you are unable to present from either iTunes or your video blog.

Here is the link to my vlog. Enjoy!!!

You can see my other blog entries there aswell.

Here it is. Enjoy.

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