Chapters 10,11,12 focused on the legal aspects of the internet.  From copyright infringement to false information, the internet is a breeding ground for criminals who use the audience for their profit.  Although I do beleive with enough research the truth will surface it is defintely hard to identify who is selling music or sharing files legally.  Some industries such as the music and entertainment business have suffered losses from illegal file sharing and online companies such as napster who sold music very cheap and even free.  Because there are so many users it is hard to enforce laws when the users are global and have no physical address.   To investigate illegal activity would require a global approach as users in Mongolia would face different legal actions than users in Guatemala.  What would the jurisdiction be?  I can see how complicated it would be to locate and idenitfy criminal activities on the internet.  It will take many man hours and tax dollars to enforce laws and create new ones as technology advances and our society adapts to a new world of information.  We have only begun to see what the future holds in regards to new media and technology.