In chapters 7, 8, 9 Gillmor focused on the idea of pro-active approach to media.  The audience and the authors are on in the same.  The interent has changed how we receive and digest information simply by the availibility of information and the amount of resources available.  We are not limited by the newspaper and TV stations, we can log in at home, at school or even shopping to find out the lastest news or gossip.    The fact that each day more and more users join the universal network, shows that there is an overwhelming demand for information, technology and advancement.  People by nature want to know more and the internet and new media has opened that window that once seemed like a locked door without a key.  Like the efficicent market hypothesis, the internet world will provide all the information we want and need and if applied correctly the information will speak itself and tell no lies.  The author writes about concerns with information not being true however, I think with enough research the truth will surface.  I thoroughly enjoy Gillmor’s viewpoints as they are thought provoking and at times inspirational.