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Here are my final project vlog.

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New media is definitely playing a big and important role in the 2008 election. Obama is doing a great example of this by having a my-space and face-book page and his music video on Utube. The republican candidate are not showing much involvement in using new media technologies I have seemed to notice. Hillary Clinton does have a video but Obama is definitely doing a better job at reaching out to younger people because of the fact that he is using new media technology.

Here is my markup lab!!!

In Chapter 10, Dan Gillmor discusses legal actions. There are many freedoms to the internet, but individuals have to keep in mind that they are still liable for legal issues that may occur, for instance, the first amendment and malice. I think that it is a good point for Dan Gillmor to touch upon. There are many things you can accomplish through the internet, but you have to make sure you are following the rules.

In Chapter 11, Gillmor states how to keep our freedom through the internet, even though it may be hard to do so. Gillmor discusses the usage of cookies, copyrights, and spam filtering. These aspects take away from our freedom of the internet. Cookies remember the website trail we leave behind. In other words, it remembers all the sites we visited and passwords we typed. Though this may save the user time and energy, it has become a huge privacy issue to the individual. Also, spam filtering, according to Gillmor, is “a disturbing trend when good intentions lead to widespread blocking of content that is objectionable only to a narrow subset of those who’d receive it.”¬† Another¬† issue Gillmor touched upon are copyrights. Copyrights has been an ongoing debate. Some argue that it is not what the Founding Fathers original intent when they created it in the Constitution under Article 1, Section 8. Gillmor states that if we were to follow the original intent then we wouldn’t be able to create some of the things we have, such as Mickey Mouse and the recreation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame as a cartoon.

Chapter 12, Gillmor restates the importance of the internet as a medium. It is a great thing that we have to learn, and his has become evident of its usage throughout the years. He is noticing the creation of high-profiles on company websites, but its very limited. News-makers and politicians have yet to understand the full aspects of the internet and of its importance.

After concluding the last read chapter, I fully agree with Gillmor’s statements on the internet as an important medium. It has become a very useful tool to communications. There are still many things we have to learn about it but by using it correctly and following the legal laws, we can see that there are great things to come. I fully enjoyed reading the chapters of his book and thought it to be insightful.

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