Dan Gillmor talks about two main principles: 1. journalistic values 2. technology is unstoppable. The first principle he did not go to in depth in. Gillmor stated the basic principle of journalism, which were to be accuracy, fairness, and ethical standards and values. The second principle he discussed was on technology. This principle was very interesting to read from Gillmor. He believe that technology with be unstoppable and relentless. He provided Moore’s Law, Metcalfe’s Law, and Reed’s Law to support his reasoning.

Moore’s Law discusses exponential change. It does not take long to increase the power of something. We are constantly increasing the power and memory of the technology we use, such as in alarm clocks, automobiles, coffee makers, computer memory chips, disk drives, etc. The list can go on forever.

Metcalfe’s Law states that the value of the connection network is bases on the number of nodes multiplied by itselt. The best way to describe this aspect is through the example of Gillmor and the usage of a fax machine. He states that a fax machine would be useless to an individual unless there was another person to send faxes to. Therefore, the more fax machines in the world the greater the usage, the greater the communication.

The last law that Gillmor discusses is Reed’s Law. Reed’s Law describes communication among the masses. No longer are we just limited to one-on-one communications but we can now communicate with others through many-to-many or by few-to-few communications.

These three laws are significant and insightful. As Gillmor continues, his references of technology remind me of “Did you Know: 2.0.” Technology is continuous and I agree that it will be unstoppable. It is something that will always be a part of our daily lives and will continuously be evolving. It is amazing to see these take place before your eye. I remember when my mom use to use maps to find street addresses to using mapquest.com to print out their directions. Now, she just has to type in an address on her GPS in her car and from there she can start her destination. Technology is an amazing thing. And as Gillmor states, “Only one thing is certain: we’ll all be astounded by what’s to come.”