“Mass media remains a vital tool of modern communications, but understanding the evolving world I’ve been describing will become just as necessary,” stated by Dan Gillmor. I agree with the teachings of Gillmor, but especially this statement. Mass media is a very important tool of communications. It is how we get out messages across the masses from newspapers to the internet.

Media is broadening its horizons. No longer are we subjected to just newspapers and television, but to the internet. The internet allows individuals to interact with the subject matter themselves through their own research or by their involvement through blogs. It is the beginning of a world with “internet-enabled communications” as stated by  Gillmor.

Companies are becoming more informed on this aspect and they are ready to jump on it. Through the internet, companies can target a more effective target market. One individual who has used this knowledge to his advantage is Phil Gomes. Gomes was able to research his target market and monitor the customers’ needs, wants, concerns, and discussions. This was enlightening to his research and he was beneficial to his position within PR.

If more companies choose to use the internet and learn most of its functions, such as RSS feeds and blogs, they will have a more effective way of getting their message across to their clients, customers, etc. The world is advancing technologically for the better. There are great things to come and we need to evolve with it and use it.