Chapter 10 reminds every journalist to abide to the common law practice when posting information on the Internet. Although Internet provides much freedom reaching wider audience at different geographical zones, the legal consequences can still apply. Gillmor wants to convey the message to general readers not to ignore legal action that can be placed in reality.

Internet may seem as the medium to communicate any message one would normally take advantage of. Unfortunately, there is still boundary and limitation that one would need to know. When Google first intend to penetrate Internet market in China, it is facing uphill in many respects such as censorship on the content of search result. Similarly, one would need to know FCC is also involved in the content provided on the Internet.

Gillmor elaborates the true meaning and ideas for properly using Internet tools. In order to make one’s opinion or voice to be heard, people would still need to understand the concept of copyright. For example, music industry wants to prohibit unauthorized music sharing and download. Furthermore, people want to be aware of the any copyright material they may share and use from the Internet.