This week we were assigned to read the three final chapters ( Ch. 10, 11,12) in Dan Gillmor’s book ” We the Media”.

Chapter 10 adressed the legal issues that may arise from being a citizen journalist. This may not have been the most fun chapter to read, but it sure was an important one. Gillmor makes sure to tell the reader’s that although the net may a lot of times seem detached from reality and the laws that apply from reality, there are serious legal consequences one can face when comitting libel. It made sense to me that especially as a blogger one has to be extra careful because one does not have the corrections or adjustments an editor would provide. I was also very surprised to see the effects internet-malice can have, reading about the Nymox case. I was alarmed by the fact, that internet laws apply to whatever jurisdiction things get read or downloaded from. Something that may be legal here, might not be legal somewhere else and that could cause a lot of trouble.

Chapter 11 talked mainly about the freedom of the websphere. The internet is not as free anymore as it used to be and there is censorship to sites blocked by a government firewall as it is used in China. I learned a lot of new things in this Chapter, for example what exactly cookies do and copyright related issues. It is interesting to read how growing technology has affected copyright and I was stunned when I read the paragraph about Walt Disney and how today he could not have even drawn Mickey Mouse. I also did not know that the FCC was involved in internet related things.

Chpater 12 was basically a conclusion to all previous chapters before and once again reflected on the importance of citizen journalism and what it means to this world. Gillmor states that he is still a bit dissapointed that people have not fully recognized the tools the web can offer them, but he belives this will change with time. Gillmor also further elaborates on his views on copyright and presents a copyright concept of his own, he believes might be better and easier to deal with. Chapeter 12 clearly showed to me how passionate Gillmor is about this matter, he truly wants people to understand the importance of the web and let them know that their voice can be heard.

I found this book very impressive and actually enjoyed reading it.