The latest 3 chapters (10, 11, and 12) was very informative. Gillmor talks about the internet and how it’s used so widely around the world. It currently is one of the most advanced technologies that exists and is the current most important medium. Before this was the printing press. Think about it. Without these technological innovations, new jobs and companies wouldn’t exist. Blogs and new media wouldn’t be here. People won’t be able to ‘youtube’ when they’re bored. The laws having to deal with media in Chapter 10 were very useful and informative. Learning certain terms like libel, malice, and defamation is vital to know, especially in media related jobs. You wouldn’t want to be sued one day so it’s best to learn these terms now. In chapter 11, Gillmor talks about copyright and cookies. Cookies is an interesting topic and has its ups and downs. In conclusion, the book We the Media allowed me to better understand about the new changes in media that are with us today. If we don’t stay up to speed with the rapid changes in the world, we would be left clueless behind others. Keep blogging!