What amazed me most about this last part of the book was Dan Gillmor’s take on copyrite. It amazed me that he was writing, in essence, a full length novel and he was giving it away for free on the internet.(which i wish i would have known before buying it) This act strengthens all the points he has made about the internet through out his book because it shows how much he actually believes in them, even when it comes to his own personal finances. I am curious to know how many times it was downloaded and what that would have equated to in book sales.

This reminds me of when the band Radiohead gave away their most recent album on their web site. It was also available in stores, but the band had it for download on the internet. They told their fans to pay whatever they though it was worth. While i’m sure many fans paid nothing, i am equally sure that many die hard Radiohead fans were willing to give the band upwards of $15 for the album. Now while not everyone was paying, you also have to take into account because the band was releasing the album independently, almost all of the money paid for the albums went to them, and not to a record label.