We the Media 4


Recently, I finished Dan Gillmor’s book called “We the Media.” I really enjoyed reading this book because I learned numerous things about new media and especially the online medium. For this assignment we were asked to read the chapter 10, 11, and 12 in “We the Media.” Topics that really grabbed my attention in these chapters included discussions on misusing other people’s work, the freedom the internet has brought us, and why the internet has been the most important medium since the printing press.


I have to agree with Gillmor’s thoughts on how misusing other people’s work (cheating) is “harder to monitor [and that] cheating is rampant in our society” (paperback, pg. 200). It is frustrating that with the internet’s millions of users, come many individuals who plagiarize. However, journalists can take comfort in knowing that the “Net gives us a mechanism to catch the violators [with] search tools such as Google…and Turnitin software” (paperback, pg. 200).


Another topic Gillmor brings to his reader’s is that of freedom with the internet’s huge success. I loved how Gillmor states that “Cyber-liberty [extended] culture and information in powerful, even unprecedented, ways” (paperback, pg. 209). Personally, I feel as though the internet has given me an exceptional amount of cyber-liberty even if it is just through blogging or using an online social network such as Facebook.


Lastly, I found Gillmor’s explanation of why the internet has been the most important medium since the printing press to be fascinating. Simply put, Gillmor asserts that the internet “subsumes all that has come before and is, in the most fundamental way, transformative” (paperback, pg. 236). I find Gillmor’s use of words to explain how far the internet has come to be very true and valid.


I really enjoyed reading Dan Gillmor’s book. I hope I continue to learn new ways that new media impacts my life and my future!