Did You Know 2.0 came back to haunt me in chapter 8 of We the Media. The author brought me back to Moore’s law and how technology is just growing and growing and growing. This made me think back to a visit I made to the Fresno Bee last year. I was given a tour of the newspaper by a recent graduate from SJSU who now works there as an entertainment columnist. He said that older, more traditional journalists are losing out on opportunities because they refuse to learn about new technology advancements like blogs, social networking sites, how to create content for online use and how to do something as small as reformatting a .jpg file in Paint. PAINT! He said that every new computer skill I pick up is that much better for me because the industry is changing and journalists who know to make podcasts, blogs, vlogs, etc. are more desirable.

Technology will never slow down. It’s only going to advance, evolve and pick up momentum. This is one of the main reasons I decided to take this class. I knew that learning how to use Adobe programs, how to make a podcast, how to make a vlog was going to help me further down in life. And it already has. I just started an internship, and one of the reasons I was hired because I knew how to use InDesign.