When I read further and further into each chapter from this book, I find the topics and content in it a lot more interesting. It only gets better! I have taken media classes in the past and learned all about the changes being made and how it is currently affecting news and media all over the world. Chapter 7 talks about the rise of citizen journalists and how everyday normal people can now become that reporter or journalist that they always see on television. One news station in southern California even laid off numerous employees and opened up their website to citizen journalists. This enables them to upload videos and write stories that are currently happening around their home town. The problem that arises with this is that stories and articles can be less reliable and inaccurate. On the plus side, I believe this portal allows more people to be active and participate in what’s going on in the world around them. People will be able to give their input, say their ideas, and express their voice as well. Blogs and wikipedia are being used on a daily basis today.

terminator judgment day

In the movie, Terminator, the characters talk about Judgment Day or Dooms Day and how it may come true some time in the near future. Robots and computers will destroy all of man kind. Chapter 8 talks about the exponential growth of technology and how it is increasing everyday. Can we slow it down or stop this advancement? Almost everyone in the world revolves their lives around technology. Heck, you can even talk to your car and tell it to perform certain tasks through the sound of your voice and a push of a button (Ford Sync by Microsoft). What’s next? A computer built into some sunglasses or a cell phone that can control everything and anything? The world is amazingly changing at rapid speeds everyday and if you don’t stay up to date with technology then you’re just falling behind.