One of the chapters that stuck out the most to me during this reading series was chapter 8. I felt this chapter related to a lot of what we’ve been discussing and learning about in class. On one of the first days of class we were given a lecture that included information on Moore’s Law. According to Gillmor, “Moore’s Law is about exponential change: it doesn’t take long before you’ve increased power by thousands-fold”. Gilmor also discusses how journalism “feeds” off of all these new innovations, namely new devices for collecting and distributing data that can hold a huge amount of information. Gillmor also discusses how easy it is to share information today. I found it funny when Gillmor said “Hundreds of millions of people in the U.S. and abroad are using camera phones (soon to be video-camera phones)”. My cell phone is a video-camera phone, so Gillmor was right on target there. I wonder if he predicted what happened with the iPhone from Apple? All of this information made me reflect on what we’ve been learning in class, what with the Web 2.0 video, the presence of campaigns on, the sharing of information on Twitter, etc.