This past week I read chapters 7, 8 and 9 in Dan Gillmor’s “We the media” and as usual it was a pleasure.

Chapter 7  talked about how citizen journalism can open completely new doors in the field of journalism. Nower days we can get access to insider “off the record” information through blogs. I understand that people are thrilled about that, however, I believe we should still take this information in, in a critical manner. Citizen journalism means more freedom, but it also means to me that there might be more inaccurate information out and we need to select and still read various sources to believe something. I believe with increasing citizen journalism we might see a rise in lawsuits (for instance when things are disclosed to the public without consent of the affected). As far as blogging about personal experiences ( like the blog from Iraq) I think this is a fantastic way to get a “real” insight in how different people feel about this war and how the people affected by it live their lives.I was surprised to read that the alternative press has not really taken advantage of the net. I was glad to see that Gillmor talked about wikipedia and about wiki’s in general. It’s fascinating how everyone uses Wikipedia nowerdays.

Chapter 8 reminded me a lot of the video “did you know 2.0”. It basically talks about the exponential growth of technology and the correlation between that and the role of media or the evolution of media. I was also surprised how many laws about these things are out there :-)…Metcalfe, Moore, Reed…WOW! I liked the fcat that google makes it possible to sort out reliable blogs, this was an issue I adressed earlier and it’s good to know that there is some sort of monitor out there. I thinik a reputation syatem is extremely important with growing citizen journalism. We basically have so much information coming at us, we will need some help sorting it out.

Chpater 9 adressed issues that blogging can bring, in particular cutting and pasting. I had heard about the fake John Kerry picture before, it is crazy how the internet creates a whole new world of possible criminla acts. Thinking about this makes it hard for me what I can trsut and what not and how I can find out the reliability of something. The anonymous nature of the web, is a bit threatening to me. We don’t know who might be behind an alias…As Gillmor says, we need to create a hierarchy of trust and we simply can’t take everything for being a true story if the source is not in our hierarchy.