Again I am shocked to read about all the new technologies out there. These chapters got into a lot of detail and it was really interesting. In thje beginning of chapter 7, all i could think about was Dan Gillmor talks about local bloggers and how some people rely on their blogs for news instead of a real news source. I like how he says the audience is now joining the party. Anyone can blog and anyone can read it. I used to read weekly magazines to read the new and juiciest celebrity gossip, but now i just log on to to read it. If you look at it, all it is, is a blog.

Another thing i found interesting was the chapter about Wikis. I didn’t know that Wiki was an actual software. The first time i heard the word Wiki was from Wikipedia. I didn’t know that ANYONE can register and edit the contents on wikipedia. That is an awesome software! The information is less biased and probably more accurate since it’s coming from everyone in the world. I love wikipedia. I use it everyday. Anytime i don’t know something, I always “wikipedia it”.