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In Class Today

  • Audacity Lab 1
    This lab introduces audio editing using the free open source audio wave form editor, Audacity. In this lab students will download a sample wav formatted file and, using the Audacity software, edit the audio and export it as an MP3.

  • Assignments

    Due Today, April 2

    Comment on another student’s blog post
    Post a comment on any other student’s post on this blog. Your comment should indicate that you actually read the post.

    Due Next Week, April 9

    • Read: “We the Media,” by Dan Gillmor
      • Please read Chapters 7, 8 and 9 through the end of Chapter 9 This is up through page 190 in the printed O’Reilly edition of the Dan Gillmor book. Label this post “We the Media 3”
      • Do a post on this blog (or put a link on this blog to a post on your own blog) related to that reading indicating what the author said and why you agree or disagree with the author.
    • Post a paragraph on the class blog talking about the plan you have for your final project. This should be a general and not a detailed outline of what your project will be about. Label this with the category “Final Project Proposal.”