Reading these chapters gave me a more in depth understanding of the topics and lessons we are currently exploring in this course. I agree with what the author, Dan Gillmor, is saying. Gillmor states that new media is an advantage to us all and is on our side. Journalism has really been redefined with the new media and different techniques that allows people to broadcast or state their mind. Blogs are becoming a popular way for regular people and even professionals from companies to write and talk about current news. Since blogs are so overly used these days, companies and news stations are becoming less powerful. The internet is run and controlled by the audience and users and not corporations. There was a news station recently that laid off numerous employees. By doing this, they hope that users become reporters and submit their videos online of current news and situations going on in their city/county. This gives people a chance to become that reporter or broadcaster that they’ve always been wanting. Let’s see how this goes.