As a PR major, I found these chapters very interesting because I was able to find out more about the field. The author, Gillmor, gave many tips regarding the PR field such as how blogging and RSS feeds are vital for public relations. In his book he also quotes Tom Murphy regarding his opinion on blogging, “Blogging provides a unique means of pro­viding your audience with the human face of your organization. Your customers can read the actual thoughts and opinions of your staff.” Murphy also mentions, “on the flip side, consumers increasingly want to see the human side of your organization, beyond the corporate speak.” I believe the more interaction one has with the consumer, the better the outcome the company will receive. Since the consumer will feel more connected with the product. Chpater five was also interesting the author talked about new emering technology and how it is effecting politics and the government. I agree with Gillmor, I also believe government sites need to have suggestions box where peole in the government listen to the average citizen needs. Chapter six was concentrated on the journalism aspect. Girlmor mentioned how new technology is taking over traditional journalism. I agree that new technology is taking over traditional journalism because news is being published more on line than on traditional newspaper. More and more people are signing up for online newspaper then traditional news paper.

Over all, I enjoyed reading chpater five because of the interesting topics that he talked about public relations and I was able to relate to it more.