Gillmor has many notable points, again, in chapters 4-6 of We the Media. One I thought worth mentioning was, “readers (or viewers or listeners) collectively know more than media professionals do.” Gillmor goes on to discuss the fact that in reality, there are more readers/listeners/viewers than there are media professionals. Media professionals today do need to recognize and realize that their audience can quickly disappear if they have to settle for mediocre coverage. This is becoming even more true with the ever present Internet being used as a form of reader/listener/viewer expression. According to blogger Jeff Jarvis, “…The Internet is the first medium owned buy the audience…” Gillmor goes on to further bash organizations whose reporters leave out their e-mail addresses at the end of their online news stories. Gillmor says there is no excuse for leaving out contact information if the article is published on the Web. He believes, and I agree with this, that news stations who does this are “not remotely serious about engaging its audience”. The Internet is owned by the people and it is there where people can voice their opinions. It makes me wonder if the reporters who choose to leave out their information are doing so to avoid controversy? Any excuse though, in my opinion, is inexcusable.