I enjoyed reading these three chapters, especially chapter 4. I’m a PR major, and I was happy to read that new media is related and connected to public relations. It opened my eyes to new ideas and strategies to improve public relations. “blogging is an opportunity for public relations, not a threat.” At first I was hesitant on that thought, but then I realized that it helps the public see the “human” side of big corporations. I’m also in a Organizational Communication class at SJSU, and we’re discussing how organizations can be viewed as machines, organisms, cultures, etc. It’s interesting to see how businesses or big corporations are viewed as machines, which is, personally, i think a bad thing. So it’s good to see that new media can change that and make corporations act more like humans and be more personable. Consumers can see how normal a person can be on a blog and can interact with the person more. As much as i don’t like how communication is changing, it’s going to happen, and I’m glad to learn all the new media out there to help me in my own future.