I really enjoyed Chapter 6 of We the Media.  It touched upon many important issues of journalism and the internet that are very relevant to topics we have covered in class.  The chapter explains how much journalism can be enhaned through blogs.  “Readers (or viewers, or listeners) collectively know more than media professionals do” (111).  The audience are the ones who own the Internet.   It is the only medium in which the audience has the power.  This observation is profound because the Internet is only growing in size and influence.  Journalists may be concerned that “serious investigative reporting will diminish,” (111).  However, there is no real reason for them to worry because their writing will only be enhanced by the knowledge of the audience.  Microsoft’s online magazine Slate is making the most out of audience input.  They have something called The “Fraywatch” Page that shows how much the magazine responds to reader’s contributions.  The editors assemble bits and pieces of interesting comments from readers, along with their own input.  This is a very interesting and effective way to show the power of the audience and to allow their voices to be heard.