Gillmor makes GREAT points yet again in chapters 4-6. But since I am a PR major, I think that the thing that stood out most to me was the section in chapter 4 where he talked about utilizing the internet and realizing all of the possible things that PR people can do with the internet that they are not doing right now. Like he said, on most PR websites, all they have are press releases and miles and miles worth of nonsense, and like Gillmor says, NO contact information. It would be so much smarter for PR people to just write their information and link articles that have mentioned their organization. The most important releases shoudl be included in the press section of the web page, but jesus, not all of the releases you ever wrote are necessary. And I think that Gillmor makes a great point with that.

I also like what Gillmor was saying about interactive blogging, and newspapers that have blogs and write about breaking news right when it happens, becoming the website that people go to when they want to get breaking news. Being one up on the major news websites would really benefit a paper, or at least I think so.