I was surprised what are company are doing when some of them allowed their employees to blog. I would like to see more of the CEOs to blog so we could understand what make them successful and their thought process as a student. Not many will do them as Mark Cuban stated in a responded to Dan Gillmor’s questions. I often post an entry on site such as http://www.Xanga.com to express my thought, refute a rumor or start a discussion with my friends. I can understand why celebrity would start a blog because they are watch 24 7 a day by the media and their fans. They have a new avenue to express their feelings or refute any wrong rumors that started at their own comfort of home. This kind of new media will continue to help out the candidates with raising and expanding their message across the country but I think advertising on Television will continue to be a keyed in their success. This might be change as people become more literal with the computer and internet. This is new and hip for people to do things and a virtual hang out spot but sooner or later it would disappear. New or better things would come up as technology growth.