It was surprising to hear some of Dan Gilmore’s thoughts about corporate blogs and whether or not CEO’s and executives should be writing and responding to the concerns of the public. I agree with his list of rules that writers must follow in order to maintain a successful blog. I liked the part where he said to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. I would think this would be a difficult task for corporations to achieve, but it is a nice standard one would hope writers would follow. I also agree with the idea that trust is necessary for your listeners. It is definitely a good idea to link to a website or blog where they say negative things about you or your company and respond to it, instead of acting like it doesn’t exist. I liked when he mentioned that the public WILL find out anyway, so it is better to address it yourself, politely. I also thought it was impressive to read that a p0litical blog was able to raise over $80,000 for a campaign just through countless of small mostly $20 donations across the nation. It is interesting to see how one blog can reach a niche market and create a lot of support through that. I did disagree with something Gilmore mentioned in the sixth chapter about how professors or dean’s are not always as open to new technologies and keeping up with the times for the students with regard to this class! Our professor is much more knowledgeable than the students about new technology in the world. I laughed when I read Gilmore’s thoughts about that. Overall, I agree with Gilmore’s thoughts about new technology and the audiences that follow it.