Again, I very much enjoyed reading 3 chapters in Dan Gillmor’s book “We The Media”.

I especially liked Chapter 4, since I am a Public Relations major and Chapter 4 deals a lot with Public Relations and also with how in this field, we can use new mediato our full advantage. “Blogging is an opportunity, not a threat” was a great quote I think. This class actually has opened my eyes to this a lot.

When you actually start to think about it. RSS feeds have such a huge impact on your businessand not only how you would send your information out to the public, but also in how you personally get information and how you can internally share it with your coworkers. I never really had seen all these aspects before. Not to mention that creating RSS feeds could make your life so much easier by being able to reach larger audience groups with less effort than ever before. I also appreciated the tips for PR at the end of the chapter.

I also enjoyed Chapter 6 a lot since it dealt a bit with insecurities or misconceptions people have towards new media. We all know in the back of our heads that this ongoing evolution of media is inevitable, but I think most of us are a bit uneasy about it sometimes. I think people are generally afraid of change and the unfamiliar. With Gillmo writing about that even within the industry people were nervous about this calmed me down, knowing I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Another important aspect in this chapter was the risks that writing a blog can bring and what things someone is ought to be careful about, especially when someone works for a big news company. A blog could cost you your career, if you write contradictional messages to the ideas your cooperation has or you make a mistake that could cost you your credibility.

I also liked the paragraphs about how the undergraduate major field of journalism needs to be revised and teach a fusion of traditional and modern practices.