I found chapter four of “We the Media” to be very fascinating.  Although I am an advertising major I just happened to be assigned the role of PR Director in my Advertising 129 class (campaigns).  At first I was very disappointed with this role because I had no clue what to do.  I barely understood the idea behind a press kit and was not clear about how to write a news release.  After reading this chapter I realized that there is much more to Public Relations in this day of evolving technology.  The tactic of going onto weblogs and online discussions to research what the public is saying about your product is genius.  Not only are the PR professionals researching but they are directly interacting with their future customers.  This has to be the single most effective form of PR and it’s free publicity which no company wants to turn down.  This chapter gave me a whole new angle on how to approach my duties of PR in my advertising class.  Say goodbye to ancient press releases and hello to the open world of internet conversation.