I missed the Gillmor Gang, Steve is back!
It is great to see that Steve Gillmor has this new gig and you should check it out. His podcast is a great experiment with citizen journalism. He has an open podcast (RSS Feed) that, a little like talk radio, builds its cast as it goes. Now it is called the NewsGang. Steve and his brother Dan Gillmor are both very talented pioneering new media talents. Steve, who has been described as being “prickly and prescient,” has a related blog. Check it out:

On The Gang this Friday, Dan Farber asked me what I was doing in this new gig – a column or a blog? No difference, I replied. Just like there’s no difference between mainstream and bloggospherian journalism and commentary. This is my opinion, and in the self-contained universe that is this space, it’s the guiding principle, the law, the prime directive, the universal theory. I am the writer, editor, judge, and jury…