• iMovie Lab 2
    This lab introduces the screen capture utility Grab. It also combines the skills learned in previous labs. Primarily iMovie 1 where you created a Quicktime movie. Photoshop 1 where you resized photos, and the use of Fetch, (see the How To section of this page) which you used for your web assignment to FTP files to the class Website. This is the process you will use to create video blog entries for your vlog and for your video podcast. Give your post the category “My Lunch” class time will be allotted for this, but you are not required to do this in class.


Due Today Wednesday, March 19

  • Read: “We the Media,” by Dan Gillmor
    • Please read Chapters 4, 5 and 6 through the end of Chapter 6. This is up through page 135 in the printed O’Reilly edition of the Dan Gillmor book. Label this post “We the Media 2”
    • Do a post on this blog (or put a link on this blog to a post on your own blog) related to that reading indicating what the author said and why you agree or disagree with the author.

Due Next Class, April 2

Comment on another student’s blog post
Post a comment on any other student’s post on this blog. Your comment should indicate that you actually read the post.