I continue to agree with Dan Gilmore on many levels. From making communication pro-active to open source on the web, we can see how learning needs to be two-sided and conversational with the doors wide open. Sitting in a class room and listening to a lecture, for example, is learning however, the real skill comes into play when you have to answer a question or formulate your own question based on the facts given. This is similiar to New Media because the audience becomes engaged and in turn participates in finding the solution and figuring out the facts. There is a dialogue that reveals ideas that were hidden in the minds of individuals. Now, there is an outlet for anyone to expose their thoughts and share their expereinces in an organized and focused channel. The audience can take what is given and make it their own. Open source, for example, is huge in the technology industry. Having access to free code allows creative minds to think out side the box and make history through minor additions to existing data. With out the internet, I’m sure it was really hard to even find what open source was out there unless you were directly connected in the industry. Today, anywhere in the world, you can find open source on the web and possibly patent new technology.